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Scientists Develop Breakthrough Technique to Prevent Mitochondrial Diseases

A team of researchers from the Newcastle University have developed a pioneering ‘three-person IVF’ technique, in which the fertilization procedure uses the nuclear DNA of the biological parents, and the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from an oocyte donor. The technique, which facilitates exchange of DNA between two oocytes, could serve in preventing the transmission of mitochondrial diseases to offspring. The findings of the groundbreaking study have been published in the online edition of the journal, Nature. Continue Reading

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ALERT: Researchers Create Germ Cells from Embryonic Stem Cells

Advancements in infertility research have been hindered by the complexity of understanding the human reproductive cycle in animal models. Additionally, the non-availability of germ cells, due to its formation in the very early stages of the embryonic development (8-10 weeks), has led to the scarcity of these cells for research purposes. Now, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have devised a method to proficiently transform human embryonic stem cells into germ cells, in vitro. The study, which is claimed to provide the first evidence of creating functional germ cells in the laboratory, could offer a valuable insight into understanding the early stages of gametogenesis, and germ cell development and differentiation. The findings of the research are published in the recent issue of the journal Nature. Continue Reading

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Researchers Create Sperm-like Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

A group of researchers from Newcastle University and NorthEast England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI) has achieved a major breakthrough in medical history by creating sperm cells using embryonic stem cells. These sperm cells, scientifically termed as in vitro-derived (IVD) sperm, could make a valuable in vitro model for elucidating the causes of male infertility and exploring therapeutic innovations. The findings of the research have been published in the recent issue of the journal, Stem Cells and Development. Continue Reading

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