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Better Pregnancy Rates Reported with Single Post-ovulation IUI Compared to Single Pre-ovulation IUI

A recent prospective cohort study has reported that cycle pregnancy rates (CPR) are better with single intrauterine insemination (IUI) timed post ovulation, compared to pre-ovulation, in patients with non-male infertility. However, pre-ovulation double IUI, compared to single IUI, was seen to offer better CPR for male factor-related infertility. Read the full story

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Study Reports Association between Pregnancy Rates and Number of Infertility Treatment Cycles

A team of US researchers has reported declining pregnancy rates in patients undergoing infertility treatment of more than two cycles of medication only, and two and three cycles of IVF and IUI, respectively. The findings of the prospective cohort study have been published in the journal, Fertility and Sterility. Read the full story

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Recent Cigarette Smoking May Adversely Affect ART Outcomes

A recent study published online in the journal, Fertility and Sterility, states that recent smoking is associated with reduced ova retrieval in females and decreased live birth rates in males, suggesting the detrimental effects of tobacco on assisted reproductive technology (ART) outcomes. Read the full story

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