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Sperm DNA Damage Measurement by Alkaline Comet Assay May be Useful in Male Infertility

Low chromatin packaging quality in morphologically normal spermatozoa is one of the important factors that lower the fertilization capability of the sperm. Therefore, evaluating DNA integrity is essential to determine actual sperm fertility potential. A recent prospective study published in Fertility and Sterility provides new evidence that DNA integrity analysis using alkaline comet assay may be beneficial in diagnosing male infertility and predicting IVF outcomes. Read the full story

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Miscarriage in the First Pregnancy Associated with Adverse Outcomes during Subsequent Pregnancies

In a recent study published in the online issue of the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, researchers at the University of Aberdeen, UK, have reported that women with a history of miscarriage in their initial pregnancy are more likely to suffer adverse outcomes in their subsequent pregnancies. Read the full story

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