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NEWS: Study Reports Efficacy of Pentoxifylline in Identifying Viable Spermatozoa in Biopsy Samples

Earlier studies have suggested different methods, such as hypo-osmotic swelling (HOS) test, mechanical touch and laser touch techniques, and pentoxifylline (PF) addition, for the selection of viable sperms from testicular biopsy samples, in order to improve ART outcomes. A recent open, comparative, prospective study has reiterated that selecting viable sperms using the PF method is superior to the HOS test with regard to fertilization and pregnancy rates. The findings were published in the recent issue of the journal, Fertility and Sterility. Read the full story

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Sperm DNA Damage Measurement by Alkaline Comet Assay May be Useful in Male Infertility

Low chromatin packaging quality in morphologically normal spermatozoa is one of the important factors that lower the fertilization capability of the sperm. Therefore, evaluating DNA integrity is essential to determine actual sperm fertility potential. A recent prospective study published in Fertility and Sterility provides new evidence that DNA integrity analysis using alkaline comet assay may be beneficial in diagnosing male infertility and predicting IVF outcomes. Read the full story

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Researchers Identify Molecular Defect that Prevents Oocyte Activation

Several previous studies have tried to elucidate the complex signaling phenomenon underlying the mammalian oocytes activation. Intracellular Ca2+ oscillations triggered by the penetrated spermatozoa have been found to be crucial for both oocyte activation as well as normal embryo development. Now, a collaborative study conducted by US and UK researchers has reported that the abnormal expression of phospholipase Czeta 1 (PLCZ1) sperm protein is linked to the inability of the human sperm to induce Ca2+ oscillations, leading to failure of egg activation and sterility. Read the full story

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Cryopreservation of Spermatozoa within the Zona Pellucida Increases Sperm Recovery Rate

Cryopreserving spermatozoa within an empty zona pellucida for assisted reproduction may aid in increasing the sperm recovery rate, according to a research article published in the recent online issue of Fertility and Sterility. Read the full story

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